Oil question


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Oil question

Which type of oil is the best for lawn mower engines...30W non-detergent or 30W detergent.
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Originally Posted by Jack B. View Post
Which type of oil is the best for lawn mower engines...30W non-detergent or 30W detergent.
detergent, it has the additives need to disperse dirt etc. Usually it's called heavy duty
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Hmmm I thought they recommended non-detergent...but I may be thinking of air compressors? It should say right on the filler cap for most newer engines it seems. I know the 2 or so 4 strokes I used to have did.

Reading a few small engine forums...seems that some manufacturers have started recommending synthetic....so I guess it all depends on what you have.

Post a brand and model and type of engine and the small engine guys will be able to help later.....
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It is as, if not more, important the frequency of oil changes versus the brand or type you use.
4 cycle mower engines operate under hot and dirty conditions.
Oftentimes the sir filter is neglected causing an over rich charge.
There may be some advantages to using synthetic oil, but it should be changed with the same frequency as dino oil.
Me? I use Walmart 30W in everything, except hydraulic lifter Kohlers, 10W-30.
Clean air filters, fresh gas and changing oil with regular frequency will provide trouble-free longevity.

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