Pressure Washer Issues


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Pressure Washer Issues

I have a BE pressure washer with a Comet AXD 2220 pump and a Honda GC160 5 HP engine.
When using the washer the last time it didn't seem to be running like it did before.
When running, there used to be a distinct difference in the sound between spraying and not spraying, like the pump unloads and the engine coasts then when you pulled the handle on the wand the engine sounded like it would load up.
Now, it just sounds loaded all the time.
I took the unloader valve apart and cleaned it all up and carefully reassembled it.
The valve will load and unload the pump manually with the knob.
Is the unloader valve the culprit here?
Thanks in advance for the assistance.
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Depends... does the engine sound like it loads and unloads when you manually do it (I assume with the regulator knob?)? If so, there may be a problem with the unloader or the regulator spring(s).
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Thanks for the reply.
The pressure changes when I adjust the knob but the engine really doesn't sound much different till I have it backed way out.
The engine occasionally will try to slow momentarily, almost like a cough.
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I have a BE pressure washer with a Comet ZWD 4040 pump and a Honda GX390 13 HP engine.

A problem developed 3 yrs. ago with the symptom you describe but having an additional symptom you donít mention (perhaps inferred, however). Specifically, there would be no pressure/no spray as well as intermittently high pressure fluctuations/fluctuating spray.

The culprit turned out to be a clogged washer seal just behind quick coupler male plug at water inlet which I permanently removed as its not needed. A filter screen is also housed inside green plug at bottom of water inlet device. Iím not sure if that is your problem but something you might want to check.

Before starting engine, Iíve learned from the school of hard knocks to run water through the hoses, and then through the wand w/o a spray tip if my pressure washer has not been used for awhile. This allows any tiny specs of rust or other debris to clear out so that the spray tip doesnít clog.
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I have a pressure washer that started doing the same thing. It gradually got worse and worse until it was unusable. It would have pressure for a few seconds and then it would die off almost like it was starving for a water supply. First I cleaned the unloader valve and that helped a small amount but not much. I checked the supply screen and cleaned it and it still didn't help. Next I took the pump apart and noticed the oil looked very milky. The springs and parts in the pump area didn't look bad but I cleaned everything anyway. I put some new oil in and bolted it back together and it works like new. There's no fill cap for the oil so I just place the washer on it's back and poured the oil in then bolted it back together.
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Here is an update on the issues I am having.
It seems to not be getting to WOT when set for high speed.
The throttle spring that goes to the governor arm seems very loose, it barely moves when going to full throttle.
I tried adjusting the spring for more throttle and it does speed up but still doesn't unload when the wand is shut off.
Is the engine supposed to unload via the governor when the wand valve is closed?
I guess I am just not convinced one way or the other what is supposed to happen in sequence with this darned thing.
Thanks for all the responses so far.

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