Rough running Tecumseh LV195EA Solved


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Rough running Tecumseh LV195EA Solved

I have obtained much valuable information from this website so I thought I would share some as well. I had a Tecumseh LV195EA 362003C that was driving me crazy trying to get it to run properly. It would start fine then begin to sputter and run rough and then it would die. It was acting like it was running lean with a typical air leak. I had the carb apart three times cleaning it and replacing the o rings on the emulsion tube twice. Yesterday morning I found an article containing information that was supposedly only mentioned in what they called an "update class". The article stated that if you removed the air filter housing on this motor, you had to put either loctite or similar sealer on the left (driver side) housing screw. Failure to do this would cause the engine to suck air as the hole for the a/f housing screw is drilled into the primer bulb housing. With much scepticism, first thing yestereday, I removed the screw, added blue loctite and re-installed it. Around 5 oclock in the afternoon I decided to see if the fix worked. I started the mower and to my astonishment it ran fine -- no sputtering or rough running.
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Thanks for the tip!

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