Need help with craftsman mower


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Need help with craftsman mower

So I just bought a used mower. It runs, i guess ok, but it is old and I have no owners manual or experience with engines/mowers. Here is what I have and I know nothing about it, other than it was relatively cheap and runs/cuts grass and is probably an early 90s model. I've figured out all the moving parts with the cutting deck and hooking up the plow and even managed to fix the brakes, but engines I know little about, and what I do know is limited car engines. I know I should probably be cleaning things out and changing oil and stuff but don't know much more, and without the owners manual, I am afraid I might do something wrong. (some filter thing in the black plastic box says to clean it regularly as described in the owners manual... great!) So here are some pictures of what im looking at. Any suggestions how often to change things and what should be changed. Thanks in advance.

What should I do with this engine to keep it running for a long time. I heard these old craftsman tractors are built well and if you take care of them they last for ever.
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forgot the last angle of the engine

Is the black thing the oil filter? Should this be replaced?
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The black cylindrical item is the starter.
Briggs/Stratton recommended oil change interval is every 25 hours.
Never power wash it.
Good luck
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Your engine has no oil filter. To replace the air filter, remove the 2 knobs on top of the black box in picture #3. Then remove the cover. At the bottom of the oil filler tube is the drain for the oil. Also woud'nt be a bad idea to change the spark plug & gas filter. Drain the gas tank before changing the gas filter as all the gas will run out when you remove the gas filter. I would also runs some SeaFoam thru the gas.

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