Briggs and Stratton Intek 18.5 Runs for a minute, then dies


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Briggs and Stratton Intek 18.5 Runs for a minute, then dies

Hi all,

As the title suggests, I've got a Briggs and Stratton Intek 18.5 ( 31P777-0293-E2 ) that starts fine, runs fine for about a minute to two and then dies. It doesn't seem to matter if the blades are engaged or not. It will just die either way. I only know a little history on this lawnmower. I'm told that the last time that it was run was September 2009 and it ran perfectly. The oil had been changed and it still looks clean, the air filter looks new as well. I've drained the fuel tank, lines and filled with new gas and installed a new fuel filter. Spark plug looks perfect too.

Here's a link to a video.

Some pics of the Carb and fuel filter.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.
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check that something isn't in the fuel tank and settling in the outlet slowing the fuel flow and it can't keep up with engine needs and bowl eventually runs low. After sitting the bowl will refill and repeat the process or float is sticking and not dropping down to let more fuel in or enough in. Also make sure gas cap is vented. Fuel does appear low in the filter
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Thanks for the reply 38racing.

Going from memory the tank is clear of debris. I did actually remove the tank at one point and the outlet was open. When I put the new fuel filter on the other day it did seem like the fuel level in it was low to me too, that's why I included a pic of it. It just dawned on me that maybe the fuel line from the tank to the filter may be clogged and/or the fuel line from filter to the carb. I'll put a new hose on it Monday.

I have run the engine with the cap off of the tank as well, same problem though. That was suggested by a buddy of mine. Sorry, forgot to mention that earlier.
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chk the vaccuem line going to the fuel pump make suer it don't have a pin hole in it
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Don't worry about the level of the fuel in the filter,, They work as the Fuel Processors on heavy equipment,,, The fuel will get thru as needed & when it gets full of fuel,, it's time for a new one.. I think it's time to pull the carb & soak it & throw a kit in it as it kinda sounds like you have a blockage in there.... Roger
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pull the carb, blow it out with chem tool/carb cleaner then compressed air. debris in some of the passages or the needle

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Hi all, well it's been a busy week for me, apologies for not replying until now.

On Monday I installed new fuel lines. I didn't see anything blocking the lines but they were showing signs of age near the ends so that was that. I also gave the the carb a thorough cleaning with carb cleaner, just the exterior. It was soaking wet and it was getting dark so I didn't bother starting it. After work on Wednesday I went straight to the shed and pulled out the tractor. Started it up and waited for it to die. It ran at medium throttle for about 7 minutes so I decided to run it at full throttle for a bit. I sputtered twice and was then running fine. So I decided to do a few laps around the back yard. That went well; so I engaged the blades and after a gallon and a quarter of gas and two hours later the whole lawn was cut without issue.

If it starts acting up again I guess I'll end up pulling the carb and cleaning the internals as suggested.

Thanks everyone. Beer 4U2

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