Snow Blower - Tractor Attachment


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Snow Blower - Tractor Attachment

Hi all,

After barely making it through this winter w/out any kind of machine to help me with the snow, I've learned my lesson :-)

Aside from purchasing a standalone piece of equipment I checked out the available attachments for my Simplicyt Regent 14hp Lawn Tractor.

Would any of these be a better alternative than purchasing and storing yet another piece of equipment?

This is what's on the MFR website - no idea of costs:

1) Single-Stage Snowthrower - Make short work of the deepest snow with this rugged single-stage snowthrower. Available in 42" and 46". 46" (shaft drive)

2) Two-Stage Snowthrower - Make heavy-duty snow removal easy with a two-stage snowthrower. Available in 42" and 47". 47" (shaft drive)

3) 60" Snow/Dozer Blade -Heavy-gauge steel, hydraulic lift blade is spring-loaded to absorb shock. Available with multi-position hydraulic angling.

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It all depends on your lay of the land and what type of snow you normally get. Is the driveway up hill? Do you get more heavy wet snow? And do you have room to pile the snow with the blade?
My first would be the blade. It cna be usefull in the summer, too.
2nd. choice is the 2 stage snowthrower. Throws snow much better than a single stage. Single stages won't throw heavy wet snow very far, if at all.
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I just checked Simplicity's web site and the only choice you have for a Regent is the 42" snowblower. The Regent is a lawn tractor not a garden tractor, so it really isn't big enough, strong enough, or heavy enough to push the 60" front blade. A snowblower attachment puts less strain on the tranny as it uses the engine's HP thru the PTO to move the snow. Lots of lawn tractors get seriously damaged when used to ram a front blade thru the wall of ice at the end of the driveway. Having said all of this, you will probably discover you can buy a pretty nice walk behind snowblower for less than the attachment for your tractor.
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Hi all, thanks for the great feedback. First some more details:

- I have a 40' long driveway, at least, which slopes slightly downhill. Then I have parking for 3 cars at the end of the drive

- this would defintiely be for the larger snows. I have no probs shoveling normally but this year we shattered records and had snows over 18-20 inches in one fall. This was the first year I "let" a friendly neighbor help

- I do have room to pile the snow, from what I can tell.

- thanks for checking the website. I never knew the difference between a lawn tractor, garden tractor, riding mower, etc. Def was sure if mine was big/strong enough to push a nice sized blade. also have no idea of the price so you could be right on.

- Was planning on spending close to $1k for a nice, two stage thrower but didnt want to have to store and service yet another machine. That was my whole angle.

But sounds like its just a pipedream and I should look into a good walk behind thrower.

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I have both a Wheel Horse Garden tractor with a 48" blade and a stand alone Cub Cadet 10hp snowblower. The plow was nice for small storms AT FIRST but got a heck of a work out at the ends of the driveway where the plow trucks cleared the main road. I have a large U shaped driveway with a rock wall bordering it. Cant push snow to the sides so you end up trying to push it towards the ends. The snow banks build fast so by the 3rd or fourth decent storm you have nowhere else to pile it.
The Cub Cadet snowblower works quite well. Throws even very wet snow far enough to clear the way.
I do have a John Deere L110 lawn tractor also that I contemplated putting the 42" 2 stage blower on but the John Deere dealer actually advised against it even though it is a 17.5 hp. He said it would tear it up in the long run.
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I have a MTD(canadian Tire) model (not big -just lawn cutter)that I modefied to put plate on back to mount a 48" blade to push snow.It works great except very wet/compacting snow.Pain to back-up but it saves walking behind blower,which I use when too deep or wet.Sticks in snow sometimes but usuallypull ahead and speed back.People sometimes laugh but I usually do 8-13 neighbors laneways and sidewalks(mostly oler people that can't get out.Usually only 3-4 people help with gas money(won't take NO THANKs for answer)Don't do it to make money anyways just to help out and I have fun anyways. So I guess after all this you CAN use any size if you are handy.My 2cents!
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