Help! Car Batteries and yard equipment


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Help! Car Batteries and yard equipment

Hey all I am hoping to get some help from someone on here. I am looking to create a battery bank with a power inverter to power yard tools generally used for landscaping.
My general idea is to use hedge trimmers and weed eaters through this bank. I do not want to hard wire it into my car or truck. I want it to be a completely separate entity.
The only hurdle I am running into, because I have the general idea, is that I need a way to regenerate or recharge the batteries.
The overall idea is to create a lawn service that could claim zero carbon emissions, and that can also claim that there is no reliance on fossil fuels.
And yes I do understand that batteries have bad stuff in them. I am looking at the lesser of two evils. Also if you notice I live in Pensacola FL. Currently there are waves lapping up on our beaches that contains toxic levels of dispersants and oil hydrocarbons. So I would like to get this going to strike while the iron is hot. Thanks for all your help ahead of time!
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Go to a local travel trailer parts store and tell them what you want to do. Travel trailers usually have a deep cycyle battery on the tongue to run the electric tongue lift and some 12 volt lights inside the trailer. This battery is charged when hooked up to the truck while the truck is towing it.
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What is that Seattle? Not sure what your intentions are with that post.

I second Indy's suggestion about deep cycle batteries and having hookups to charge them while the truck is running. You'll need to make sure your hookups are secure so that they can't touch each other if they come loose from the battery while you're going down the road or you could fry your alternator and worse...start a fire. This system may tax your alternator a lot too, so you might keep a spare with you at all times in case, and know how to change it in a pinch. Sounds like ingenuity at work and I hope you do well with it.
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You could install an inverter on the truck to run a 110 volt deep cycle battery charger. This would work while the truck is running and could also be used while the truck is turned off. You might want to install a second battery, with an isolator, in the truck so you always have starting power, much like what is used in a motorhome. Your business idea is interesting!!
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Sounds like a good plan, but you can't claim total zero emmisions unless you are using solar power or hydro electric to recharge your batteries. "Upstream" of whatever you plug into is usually a power plant burning something to generate electricity. You can claim that you are zero emitting while actually using the tools. As mentioned above, I'd set up your truck to charge your batteries with an isolated bank of however many batteries you need, independant of the truck's own battery used for starting the truck.
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With your location and the advances in solar panels, and now even the affordable option of practical use of them, that might be a direction to go.
Maybe a utility trailer with your battery array and solar panel. I've not done alot of research on solar panels, but have done some on wind power. Solar is perfect if you already plan on using batteries since it does require it. Wild guess but I would bet a 4'x6' panel would do what you want. Could still do the back up from a truck alternator too.


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