mower not cutting evenly


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mower not cutting evenly

I have a Swisher ZT2760 zero turn mower. It has 3 blades and I can not get it to cut evenly. The middle blade always cuts higher than the 2 outside blades. I have adjusted the deck so many times it is not funny at all. The last time I talked to Swisher, the so called tech support woman actually told me she didn't know anything! I have replaced all of the bearings and shafts and still not right. Any suggestions? I have had it for 2 years so the warranty is no longer any good (kind of like the mower!!).
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I use a Kubota 60" diesel and I know about uneven cuts. They have to be tweaked on a flat surface with a ruler, but it isn't too difficult. Now, with your problem, the middle blade cutting higher than the outboard ones, it may be a design problem so the blades don't meet and clash, not sure. Are all 3 blades in the right position? Having a blade upside down will affect the cut (mainly because the cutting edge will be backwards), but the blade can have an offset that may bring it back into line. Are all three blades identical? Do you know if the brand mower you have has the same blade recommendation for all three shafts? How much of a difference in cut are we talking?
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Presumably you would see spacers if someone forgot to remove two on outer yokes.

You could install a center spacer in order to drop down your center blade . . . thickness of spacers differ so you need to determine how much adjustment is needed. Its okay to double em up to get the right thickness.
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on a 3 blader does the deck have to slope forward like recommended for the 2 blade decks
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Yes the deck is supposed to slope on a 3 blader and it is. Actually I was having a problem all of a sudden of the center anti-scalp wheel was acting like a plow and ended up cutting one of the links out of the adjustment chain, since as usual Swisher could not give an answer on why. That made it quit plowing but still wasnt cutting even.

As for putting spacers on center blade I could but it is a 3 hole blade and the outside bolts would not be long enough. I might try that.

As for all blades being the same as called for, yes they are and they are on right,(although I have almost put them on upside down before!) It comes with gator mulching blades but I usually use regular baldes, lots cheaper. The last 2 sets of gator blades I bought from Swisher were not the right length and were hitting each other. Of course Swisher didn't have an answer there either! I might end up trying spacers after getting some longer bolts. As you can imagine, I regret buying this and not spending another $1000 and getting a real commercial grade mower. As they asay: Word of mouth is the best or worst advertisement there is. And I have a big mouth when it comes to these things when the company won't own up their mistakes.

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