string unwinds when starting gas trimmer


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string unwinds when starting gas trimmer

I have Poulan gas string trimmer TE450 CXL. It belonged to a neighbor and sat for several years after he used it for one and then couldn't get it running the next year. The gas lines were cracked so I replaced those and cleaned the carb. It started easily so I am pretty pleased with myself.

The only problem left is that the string unwinds by itself when I try to start it and tangles itself so that the engine won't turn over. I wound it the opposite way from the indicated direction and it starts but I am doubtful about it feeding properly. Also, this unit is not a bump-to-feed but instead says it automatically feeds itself. Not real sure how that works.

Any ideas on the string winding/feeding issue?

- Peter
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First, make sure it has the correct spool on it and the previous owner hasn't stuck something else on it. Then check which direction is correct to wind the line on it. When the unit is upside down (engine OFF!) and you are looking at the spool mounted on the unit it most likely turn counterclockwise if it were running? Then the line would be wrapped in a clockwise direction so that centrifical force would cause the line to feed out.
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Also, make sure there is absolutely NO lubrication of any sort in any part of the mechanism.
I've gotten trimmers where it wasn't feeding properly and the owner sprayed with wd-40 to 'fix' it, they worked after thorough clean and dry.....
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