Craftsman gas trimmer won't run


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Craftsman gas trimmer won't run

I have a Craftsman gas trimmer (358.799250). The fuel line were just replaced but the symptom is not new and existed identically both prior and after any fuel line problems.

The engine starts easily but does not idle well. It does run somewhat better at half choke. When warmed up, the engine runs smoothly but will die suddenly without cause. It will start right back up without a problem. Often, I am able to keep it running by goosing the throttle instead of keeping it wide open to run. This makes for a long and tiring trimming session.

Having read this forum many times before, I am pretty sure I already know the answer is to clean the carb but I am just not having a lot of success with that. Is there something in the symptoms that would give an indication of what kind of problem to look for? High speed adjustment/jet? Since it restarts easily, I am not even sure about a blockage being a real issue.

Your thoughts?

- Peter
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I trust you pulled the muffler to check the piston & cylinder,, if you see any scoring,, it's time for a new trimmer..You can try the speed adjustment, but the best bang for your buck is to install a carb overhaul kit... The diaghragms get stiff & won't flex to pump or meter the fuel properly,, & if the fuel lines are rotton,, so is the inside of the carb.. Roger

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