Old Weed Eater Recoil Spring

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Old Weed Eater Recoil Spring

I have this pretty old Weed Eater weed whacker that use to belong to my grandfather who is no longer with us. I remember the thing since when i was a kid and im almost 30 so it has to be easily 20 years old. Any ways heres my problem the pull string on it broke so i took off the cover and removed the old one with out a problem. Last night I put a new string in it and it was working fine but it didnt fully rewind the cord all the way back. It left like maybe 3" hanging there. So this morning I takes it apart to see if i can maybe load the spring up a bit before i put the cover on so it fully rewinds. The recoil spring popped out this time and i cant get it back in. IT has a outer ring that the spring gets wound up inside and they both sit inside the cover and then the cord goes over that and you bolt the cover back on. I really want to get this thing fixed because of sentimental value and they just dont make stuff like they use to that long ago. It works like a champ still to this day. Any help wold be much appreciated I can also provide pictures if needed.
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Does it have a model no. anywhere on it ?
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Kinda tough but not impossible, you need to have some strong fingers and some patience.
wind the spring as tight as you can get it and have someone wrap some tape around it electrical tape works great. Do not bend up the inside hook cause your rope wheel will need to catch it. And you only need to wind it as tight as necessary to get it into the area it has to go. The first time it took me a couple of times to get it right and using tape was the only way and I thought why did I not think of that first. When you get it into the cover and the outside hook is connected to its stay, then you can take an exacto knife or whatever to cut the tape meanwhile making sure it all stays inside as you let the tension relax to its normal place, and it sounds like you know the rest. Pretty sure this is how yours goes, if not post some pics.

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