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I have a Black and Decker electric mower that I bought In March of 2000. At the end of the summer I was mowing the grass and it died.I had hardly used the mower because of the drought we had. Since it was under warranty the repair was free to us but the guy in the repair shop says the arcing that caused it to burn up is common and is not caused by anything special so that tells me that this is something that will happen frequently and an electric mower is not worth the money you spend on them. Am I right?
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I disagree with the statement you got from the service person. The electric motor short your mower had is not common, in my experience.

I have sharpened the mower blades used on electric mowers that are more then 10 years old and there still running well.

Several people I know have electric mowers, 10 or more years old, of the same brand that you have and theirs continue to run fine.

Be sure the motor intake air vents are cleared of any restrictions, like cut grass clippings, etc. Check after several uses or as needed.

I have to assume you just got an incorrectly built motor the first time around. Let's hope the problem is corrected with the replacement motor.

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Thanks Tom, I needed some encouragement. I was wondering why electric mowers were sold if they were only going to last for one season. Whew! Thanks.

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