Transmission Prob.on Kgro riding mower


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Transmission Prob.on Kgro riding mower

I have a Kgro (When K-Mart sold these),Riding mower, 18HP, Briggs and Straton engine,(model 422707, type 152901, Code 9411095A)

When I try to go forward or backward with engine running, it acts like trans is locked up and if I stop and the shift Trans. again it will move forward and/or backward a short distance.

IF the engine is OFF and I slip shifter to Neutral and gently push on back of mower to move it forward, it starts to roll and then I feel it lock and not move. If I pull it backwards, it will loosen up and then I can push it forward a short distance and then it repeats locking up(transmission).
AnY one have ideas as to what is wrong? Is the transmission dead or dieing?/
Thanks in advance.
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If it has the rotating disc brake it may be frozen to the pads. If you lift the rear wheels both off ground at same time, put in neutral and rotate 1 wheel forward . If other goes backward then it's likely the brake as above.
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You may also have the drive belt off a pulley and it is wedging itself tight somewhere in its travel. when you push it backwards, it might be unwedging, but rewedges itself tight again when you go forward.
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If it is the brake pad sticking

....can you spray wd40 or something similar on it to unstick it or
does it have to be disassembled?
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I wouldn't use WD40 near the belts or brake pads unless you are going to replace them plus clean off the leftover WD40 from ALL the pullies and brake rotors.
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well can you spray anything to loosen

these pads up? Or do you have to take it all apart?

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