12.5 HP Briggs problem HELP


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12.5 HP Briggs problem HELP

I have a 12.5 HP Briggs on a Murray mower. I have replaced the solenoid, battery, muffler, fuel lines, belts, blades, and changed the oil all this season. After replacing all the fuel lines and that little hoes that runs from the air cleaner to the rocker cover. I have discovered that there is fuel in the crank case.

Is this a sure sign that I need to spend even more cash on a head gasket replacement? If not what do I do?

If so then how hard is it to do yourself? I don't own a torque wrench. Would I be better off getting someone else to do it?
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It is a crab problem. The needle & seat is not fully closing. Could be dirt between the needle & seat or it could be a float that has gas in it. Either way, the carb needs to come off and be cleaned & checked out.
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I agree with indypower. Needs the carb cleaned. Float valve is not sealing. While you have it off an apart spray carb cleaner through all of the passages including high and low speed jets. When you put the jets back in turn them in all the way and back off 1 and 1/4 turn for the initial start and then adjust after engine warms up. Be sure to drain and change the oil before you restart it.

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