Honda Harmony Lawn Mover Self-Propelled


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Smile Honda Harmony Lawn Mover Self-Propelled

Does anyone know what it will cost to fix the self-propelled drive on a Honda Harmony II lawn mower??? Also if anyone has had experience working or fixing a situation like this I would love to learn how to do it myself.

A couple of places have quoted me about $200.00 (+) to fix this and I bought this brand new for about $400.00. Doesn't seem worth the money if this is a reasonable price.

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I want to know also

I have a HRM215K3SDA (3spd gear-drive self-propelled) and I have a sinking feeling that I am due for the same repair. I checked my local honda power dealer and he also quoted $200 (120 part, 85 labor) to replace the transmission. Please tell me if yours has the same drive symptoms as mine. If I hoist the rear end of the mower in the air and squeeze the drive clutch bar, the wheels turn just fine. If I then lower the rear end onto the ground so the drive has to start doing some useful work, the wheels start and stop and at the same time I hear kind of a thunk - thunk - thunk noise. It might be belt slipping but I don't hear any squealing at all. Lift the *ss end up again, wheels turn again fine. I removed the rear wheels, and both gear rings on the plastic wheels look fine, the drive cog gears on the frame that contact the wheel gear rings look fine too. I replaced the drive belt last month, after that the self-propelled worked ok for one, maybe two mowings; then back to missing / slipping / not grabbing. So I figure it's one of two things: either the belt clutch setup isn't applying enough force, or the transmission is somehow failing in a way that adds a lot of resistance and the belt drive does not have enough power to overcome the new resistance as well as the weight of the mower. Thanks I hope to hear more.
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Honda Harmony drive problem

I used to work part time for a honda dealer some years back and I remember they had a problem on the harmony where the drive pulley on the engine was wearing causing belt slippage. I dont know how old your machine is. Its been about 11 or 12 years since I worked there so this may not be relevant to your machine.
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Worn pulley?

Hi, thanks for the reply. How would I recognize a worn pulley? I didn't think of that. Just recently I compared the problem mower against a mower with a nicely functioning self-propel transmission, after pulling a rear wheel on both and twisting the exposed gear. On the WORKING tranny, I can only twist the gear the direction that it ratchets; the other way is impossible. On the PROBLEM tranny, I can twist the gear BOTH directions. One direction it ratchets; the other direction it moves with difficulty and I hear faint noise from the tranny. I don't think I should be able to turn it backwards. So I really suspect worn gears or other parts inside the tranny. But of course I could be complete misinterpreting the evidence.

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