plugged a tire but found future tire issue


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plugged a tire but found future tire issue

I have a old Toro 8 hp rider.Its runs good and recently I got a flat tire on the rear. I noticed the rim,hub rust.
The issue is they both look rusted and I tried to remove the one with a flat after I repaired the tire and it was a no go. Rust,crud.
I didn't see any way to use a puller on the rim/hub other then to use the two holes the bolt went thru that holds the rim/hub on the axle.
I was thinking of making some kind of puller that might grab the bolt holes that go thru the hub. The holes look to be 5/16. Maybe heat them up with a torch and see that breaks them loose. Anyone else have any ideas? I really don't need to remove them now but as old as the tires are it won't be long and was just planning my approach for later.
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Not sure what axle type you have, if it is keyed I would say there is a chance of getting it pulled. If it just has a flat spot on the shaft, then some I have never been able to get off (MTD's)
The tires can be replaced while still on the tractor and or tube installed. Not near as much fun but much easier in the end than freeing the wheel on some.
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I have modified a puller to work on those holes. I take the arms off a claw puller and replace with threaded rod connectors with a hole drilled through centre. This hole allows you to bolt them in place of the claw arms. Then I put ends of the connectors against the holes in rim and put bolts through back of rim into the connector. Use lots of heat and penetrating oil to I would suggest.
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Thanks folks for your replies. I was thinking of making some type of puller.. Even thought of welding 3 nuts on the rim/hub.. for the 3 claws to grab.. will study it out more.. got the tire fixed and air up so not a problem now but will be probably down the road..

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