Country Clipper Lawn mower help needed


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Country Clipper Lawn mower help needed

I have a Country Clipper "The Boss" 60" zero-turn riding mower. Don't have the engine specs with me right now - they're at home and I'm not - but I do know it's a Kawasaki. I was mowing the other day and I hit a small bump and the mower died. I was able to start it back up, but a bit later the same thing happened. Now it won't run at all. It will turn over when I crank it, but when I release the key back into the run position, it dies. Checked all the standard stuff but everything's fine. I did replace the ignition switch because that was one of the likely causes the dealer told me about when I called him, but that wasn't it. The way it happened - when hitting a bump that bounced me around in the seat quite a bit - makes me think it might have something to do the kill switch in the seat, but I'm sure there are other things to consider too. Any thoughts?
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i agree that something in the kill switch circut. but remember there are several safety switches. it could be any one of them. or possibly a loose wire. one way to be sure that a particular switch is, at the very least, not causing your problem is to bridge them, one at a time, until you find one that allows the engine to start.

also, look at the wires connected to the ignition switch. one of them may be shorted and in need of repair. if itll start in the start position and die immediately when returned to run position, then the run circutry is the culprit.

are you handy with a DVOM and wiring diagrams?

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