2 cycle idle speeds up then stalls


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Question 2 cycle idle speeds up then stalls

I have a Husqvarna 2 cycle weed whacker ('mondo').

I can start it, and the idle sounds good - speed and sound. However after about 10 seconds, it starts to run faster and faster, then after about 10 seconds it suddenly slows down and stalls.

If I start it and juice the throttle lightly several times, I can keep it running a bit, but it will ultimately go through the speed-up and stall.

I also noticed when it is started, if I apply full throttle, it sounds like it is bogging, and will stall. I believe this is a high speed mix issue?

I changed out the fuel, making sure it is properly mixed. Plug is new, air filter looks pretty clean.

The primer bulb looks/works ok , however a couple times I did have a symptom where the primer bulb was not re-inflating after pushing on it.

It has H, L and T adjustment screws. I set the H/L screws to 2 turns out which are supposedly the factory spec. The T screw looks like it is an idle speed adjustment - it is tapered and holds the throttle lever in a specific position. I have tried the T screw all the way in which looks like the taper would hold the throttle high for idle, and way out which narrows the taper so the throttle is let out (slower). That does seem to make a difference - if I let it out, the initial idle IS slower, but then it either stalls right away or still speeds up-stalls.

What should I try next?
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Kinda sounds like an air leak into the crankcase but the primer operation sounds like carb problems. I'd start by checking the fuel lines and primer bulb for cracks, then clean the carb and see where that gets you.

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