pressure washer with low pressure


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pressure washer with low pressure

i have a honda 3000 pressure washer which is about 7 yrs old, but in perfect condition. i havent used it in about 2 years and used it today. fresh gas, pulled cord, started right up and worked beautifully...until i ran out of gas after cleaning a brick patio for 1.5 hrs i put in new gas, and it started right up, but it only had about half the pressure! any ideas what might cause the pressure problem even though it runs great?
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This is a major complaint associated with pressure washer appliances. Low pressure of the pressure washer may be caused due to many reasons, such as restricted inlet, worn nozzle, air leakage in inlet, improper fixation of valve seat, limited water, dirty inlet or discharge valves and leakage in the discharge valve. You can check these parts and diagnose the defective part. Accordingly, you can troubleshoot the problem to increase flow the pressure.

Low pressure in the nozzle can be a result of inadequate water supply, plugged nozzle, dirty inlet screen strainer, blocked discharge hose or at times, a lengthy discharge hose. Remove the parts and clean them properly, if necessary replace the nozzle, inlet hose or other defective parts in order to troubleshoot this problem.

Quoted from Pressure Washer Troubleshooting - Pressure Washer Repair

Although I hate to advise someone to throw parts at anything.
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If the water supply is good and the inlet screen isn't clogged, try a different spray tip if you have interchangeable tips. If it improves, the tip could be partially clogged. If not, the problem is usually the unloader valve sticking.

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