2004 Chainsaw..never used


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2004 Chainsaw..never used

Hey folks...
I have a chainsaw I bought when they got real cheap cause of overshipping to the stores in anticipation of a bad storm back in VA. Pretty sure it was in 2004 or so.

Anyway...its a Poulan Wild Thing (no snickers...it only cost me $80 new) with an 18" bar I think....never even took it out of the case that I recall. No bar oil or gas has been in it. It's been cased and stored in my attached garage since I bought it.

Well, I have a smaller tree that I'm going to have to take down when it cools off a bit. It's too big for using my Sawsall except for the limbing, so I need to fire this thing up and use it..finally.

Anything I should do prior to trying to start it? Remove the plug..spray something in the cylinder? Prelube the chain? Anything? Or just mix the gas and oil, fill the tanks and give 'er a pull? I know what I'd do with a tool that had been used...but never had a brand new 6 y/o gas engine before.

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Well my guess would be to check to be sure no critters have made a home inside the case with it. Dirt dabber wasps love places to make nests and can crawl into very tiny places. Check the exhaust and intake places for obstructions. Wouldn't hurt to check to be sure mice haven't chewed any wires. Other than those type thing I would say fill it up with fuel mixture and bar & chain oil and fire it up! It is still new so treat it like a new one!
If it is anything like here you may have to wait for quite a while for the cooler weather! Enjoy your toy!
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Thx Ben...well..its been in a large cabinet most of the time..so bugs/mice shouldn't be an issue. I might scope the cylinder through the spark plug hole...see what I can.

And yeah, from looking at our forecasts, it might be late Sept before I get to it....lol.
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You might wanna... just scuff it down a little and go over it a couple times with some black spray primer before you go outside with it. Sorry. You said no snickering.

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