poulan wild thing 2375 problems..... please help!

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Question poulan wild thing 2375 problems..... please help!

First off, I am a girl so please give me a break. Okay, I will try to tell you as much as possible. I bought a poulan wild thing 2375 from a pawn shop the other day. They couldnt start it for me because they said they had no gas for it. Okay..... anyway. Got it home, found that the fuel lines in the gas tank are all cracked and broke off. No big, I thought. I took it all apart, and being stupid I didnt pay attention to where they all went. I put it back together the way I thought it was supposed to be. Got it to run for about 30 seconds and then it shuts off. I thought maybe I had the lines on wrong and switched them around. Hasn't started since. My problem (I think) is with the lines. I have the primer bulb hooked up right. I see that it is marked. But on this carb. both the fuel lines hook up on the same side and it seems to be upside down...? But it is the only way that it can hook up. I compared it to my brothers. A poulan. But not a wild thing. It looks way different. Is anyone familiar with this style??? I need help rehooking up the lines. Maybe more help depending on if the lines dont help the problem. Just thought it was the best place to start when they were an issue to begin with.
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You are right to start with the lines. Usually when one needs lines, it also needs a carburetor cleaning, but we'll see.

I think on that carb, one fuel line goes into the main body and the other goes into a cover that is screwed on, right? If so, the line that sucks air in when you release the primer goes to the fitting on the cover on the carb. The one from the tank with the filter on the end goes to the main body of the carb, and the one that pushes air out when you press the primer goes back to the tank.
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No, this one has both of the nipples on the side. One above the other. The cover that has the 4 screws is on the bottom and the cover that has one screw is on the top. My brothers is just the opposite, with the 4 screws on the top and the one screw on the bottom. Also his has a nipple on each side. This is what has me confused. There is no other way that mine can fit to the motor. My throttle is on the opposite side as his. Cant find a picture of it on here anywhere. But I have tried like every way possible to put these lines on and it just wont start. I think I read somewhere that there is not a carb kit available for these carbs. May be wrong though. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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There is a member named Gunguy45 that has this chainsaw. I don't think he would mind if you sent him an inquiry through private message.
I posted a location to view your operators manual even though I skimmed through it and saw nothing that illustrates fuel line routing.
But it does contain other possibly useful information.
Poulan Chainsaw poulan wild thing
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OK...got the PM....was actually going to check today and see if mine was the same and if I could help in any way...lol. Had to move some stuff to pull it out from on top of the cabinets.

I don't think mine is the same as what you describe. Mine is from 2003 as I got it after Isabel hit and they were marking down stuff that hadn't sold. Things could have changed with the carb or primer I'm sure.

All my descriptions are going to be with saw on the bench with covers removed and saw handle towards me (rear), bar facing away (front).

I have a Walbro carb and it has a connection (1) on the upper right front pointing straight to the right side. Other connection (2) is lower left front pointing down at a 45 degree angle.

Primer bulb does not appear to be marked...it has 2 connections. One is centered, one is off center.

Tank has 2 lines going into it. Left is connected to filter...right is just open into top of tank.

Apparently the primer pulls through the carb... I've never even have any gas or oil in it..so I can't verify suction or pressure paths.....

OK...here we go..starting at the filter.

Line with filter is connected to "1" on carb, "2" on carb is connected to off center on primer, center on primer is connected to right (open) line on tank.

Hope this helps...can't believe I even partially disassembled a brand new 7 y/o saw...lol...j/k...no problem.

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