briggs twin cylinder 16hp

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briggs twin cylinder 16hp

had a post earlier about putting the governer back together got that done but need help on how to adjust the governer model @401707 type 01340179

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Before you get too far, have you determined what allowed the governor to fly apart?
I know on my engine, there is no room for the cap to come off the governor flyweights unless the Governor shaft assembly got loose and the paddle gets out of position or the governor gear shaft breaks. Suppose if the retainer came out of shaft grove it could allow the governor gear to slide up, but still think the paddle would keep it from coming off. Did you make sure there was no damage the the governor gear parts before reassembly? Would hate to imagine what loose parts would do while engine running.

Here is a link to B&S that might help.
Adjusting the Governor | Maintenance | Search | Frequently Asked Questions | Briggs & Stratton

If you haven't messed with the settings, you may still be pretty close to where you need to be.

If that doesn't give you enough info, here is what the manual says (leaving out items I don't think will apply)

1. With governor lever loose, push governor lever counter-clockwise as far as it will go (wide open throttle) and hold in this position.
2. Rotate governor shaft counter-clockwise as far as it will go.
Torque governor nut to 100 in. lbs.

General Information all models (all models)
Note: Carburetor mixture adjustments must be made before adjusting governed idle and top no-load RPM.

Assemble remote controls and check for proper adjustment.
The following tools are required when making governor adjsutment
1. Tachometer, tool #19200 or #19389
2. Tang bender tool #19229 or #19352

Start and run engine for approx. 5 minutes to allow engine to warm up.

Remote Speed Control - Twin II (Type Nos. 1100 & Above)
1. Move control lever to "Slow" position.
2. Bend governed idle tang to obtain 1300 RPM.
3. Refer to Top no-load RPM by engine model and type number.
(I'm guessing here as can't find reference (Refer to Service Engine Engine Sales Manual Microfiche, MS-6225 or the Service Sales Manual, MS-4052))
But for the types given looks like 3400 RPM is the best bet. (ANY HELP HERE APPRECIATED)
4. Move Control lever to "Fast" position and check engine RPM.
5. Turn Top-No-Load adjustment screw to obtain specified RPM.
Note - Top-No-Load adjustment screw range is + or - 100 RPM. To increase or decrease engine RPM beyond this range, change governor spring.

Remote Speed Control - Pre-Twin II (Type Nos. Below 1100)
1. Move throttle control lever until a 1/8" rod can be inserted through 2 holes in governor control plate.
2. Bend governed idle tang to obtain 1300 RPM.
3. Remove 1/8" rod. Engine RPM should not change.
If engine RPM changes, check remote control adjustment.
4. Refer to engine Top-No-Load RPM. (As stated before)
5. Check governor spring hole position for proper location for engine RPM.
6. Move throttle lever to "Fast" position and check engine RPM.
7. Bend tang to obtain specified Top-No-Load RPM.

Hope this helps. If anyone has better information or easier way, I will not be offended as I am on your turf here. You've helped me a lot. Trying to return the favor.

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