JD 180 dies - with Kawasaki FC540V


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JD 180 dies - with Kawasaki FC540V


We have an older JD 180 lawn tractor with the Kawasaki FC540V engine.

Today it started dieing. My wife had been cutting the grass just fine, and then it started to have problems and died. It will start ok, bit of black with the choke on. Then after running a bit it will start chugging and then die. Playing with the throttle has little effect.

Any advice/ideas?

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Due to the age of the unit, I'm speculating it's time to disassemble, clean and rekit the carb, also, install new fuel lines and fuel filter.
here's service manual for engine.
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Thank you very much for the manual. I had to double take when I saw my name and intital at the top. Then I remember there was another user with the same on the board.

The carb has been recently gone through, though I thought it was set up a bit rich still... Do not recall when the last time the fuel filter was done.
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If the carb was set rich, you may have a fouled spark plug. A new properly gapped plug would get you going for a little while until you can address the carb problem
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I thought about checking the plug as well. You were correct. It is very black and carboned up. Working on cleaning it up. Now to figure how to adjust the carb so it is not so rich...

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