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LX280 continually stalls - can't mow !

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08-25-10, 01:02 PM   #1  
LX280 continually stalls - can't mow !

Hoping someone out here can give me some thought provokers because I am at my wits end with this. My 2004 LX280 starting giving me problems about a year back. It would start up and run ok 90% of the time, but on occassion (and I have no idea why) it would stall after mowing for a bit. Basically it would start surging and begin to stall, but if I held the choke open and turned the deck off it would run enough to get me back to the garage. Lately it has gotten worse and is now happening every time I mow.

I have religously changed the oil, plugs, fuel/air filter, etc each year. Carb looks good. fuel lines dont seem plugged. Have run it with he gas cap off to determine if vapor lock was issue. Nothing.

I recently tweaked the choke, throttle and governor positions to see if that would help. Once I did that it ran for a full mow (2 acres - 1.5 hours) without problem. Yet the next week when I took it out it did the same thing again after 15 mins !!!

No idea where to go next except bring it to the dealer. Just trying to avoid paying big bucks if possible !!


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08-26-10, 01:22 AM   #2  
Sounds to me like something restricting the fuel line somewhere. I had one doing this recently and it was some junk clogged up in the fuel inlet at the carb. It would run fine most of the time, but eventually it would run out of gas, requiring choke to keep it running. I also had one doing this and it had some crud clogging the fuel line at the pickup tube in the tank.

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