Yard Machines Y28 Trimmer - No Fuel


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Yard Machines Y28 Trimmer - No Fuel

My Yard Machines Y28 Trimmer just up and quit on me the other day after about ten minutes running. I could restart it, but it would only run 2-3 seconds before quitting again. Set it aside. I had last used it successfully earlier this season.

Today, try to start, no go. Pull spark plug: dry. So, appears to be a no-fuel problem. Yes, there is fuel in tank. This is a bulb-prime system, it appears to be putting fuel in the lines. Is there any secret to making sure fuel is actually getting through, or is this probably a typical "carb is gummed up or plugged with junk, gotta flush it out" situation.

Any helpful hints would be appreciated. I'd like to make my yard look nice one more time this season.

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How old is this unit ??
Typically, if the purge bulb is full of fuel, that means the carb is full of fuel.
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Remove muffler and spark arrestor that is inside muffler. If the arrestor is plugged, the engine exhibits symptoms just as you describe. The arrestor can be cleaned of soot by burning it off with a blowtorch.

This is a common problem and is worth investigating.

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