Troybuilt riding mower - white smoke and starting problems


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Troybuilt riding mower - white smoke and starting problems

I have an approximately 6 year old medium sized Troybuilt riding mower.
I have to use jumper cables to crank the mower and have replaced the battery. If it sits longer than 5 minutes after being used it won't crank back up; shorter than 5 minutes, it will crank.
Also, during the first 30 minutes of use, the engine will bog down for a few seconds and blow out a blinding white cloud of smoke like good hard fart, then it will run fine. It will repeat this fart approximately 8 times. After about 30 minutes, no more farts and it runs fine.

Help! Getting black lung from all the white smoke...:smoke:
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Hello Rodlaw11,

With no mower or engine model numbers posted,

It sure sounds like you have a flooding carb issue, If the float needle valve inside the carb doesn't completely shut fuel flow off it can run into the cylinder. From the cylinder it can seep past the rings into the crankcase and mix with the oil.

Having to jump start could be caused from piston hydro-lock from the fuel in the cylinder, The white smoke is also a sign of fuel contamination and higher than normal oil level.

Is the oil level high ?
Is it thin like water ?
Does it smell like fuel ?

To repair this issue would require the carb taken apart cleaned and possibly the float needle valve replaced, Then a new fuel filter installed and the oil changed. It's possible a new spark plug is needed as well from the excess oil/fuel mix being burnt while it was running.

Good Luck

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