Generator won't start, PowerMate 6250

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Generator won't start, PowerMate 6250

Generator won't start. 10 HP B&S motor coleman 5000W generator
(Powermate 6250 w/Briggs & Stratton GenPower 305 10OHV)

Low Oil Kill Switch seems to be the problem (oil is full).

In the back of the on/off switch there are 3 wires (white, black, red) If I remove the black wire - which I think is part of the low oil kill switch path - I can run engine just fine - but I can't turn it off unless I ground it out.

This is an older model; Coleman sold out and Powermate is apparently gone to bankruptcy (so, not sure I want to bother with replacing parts - think this is a faulty design anyway).
I guess I could just continue "as is" and manually grounding it out to stop it each time (not a great plan, gasoline safety wise). Maybe I could add a generic "kill" toggle switch?

Can anyone offer a way to rewire the existing switch (see wiring above). I've tried different combinations of wiring, but haven't come up with a way to make it work and shut down via switch. I know the "low oil" kill switch is a good idea, but I think I can just keep an eye on the oil level (don't run it very often).

Update: As I research further - There is a small square metal box that the black and a white wire go into - sitting on top of the engine. Another person said that is the switch and to simply cut those two wires and connect them straight - not quite ready to go there just yet (but maybe that's the deal).
Although Powermate has gone out of business, maybe Briggs and Stratton has this kill switch part.

Latest Update:
Finally found some folks online that've worked with this model quite a bit. Short term solution: disconnect the white wire at back of on/off switch. The correct long term solution would be to trouble shoot sensor and module/switch and probably end up replacing module. But I don't run this thing very often. I've set up an annual reminder for myself and each spring will drain the fuel, replace the oil, clean/inspect the plug and go from there. I can hear her running smoothly right now as I write.

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Had this exact problem with three year old unit, would not start. I suspected the low oil switch too.
Three wires on the back of the on/off switch. Pull off the white one, which takes the low oil shutoff out of the ignition circuit, and you're all set. Mine is a first pull starter every time, I use Stabil fuel stabilizer religiously, and try to run it at least every few months.
Now I need to check the oil a bit more often but no big deal, it doesn't use oil at all.

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