John Deere Ztrak running poorly


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John Deere Ztrak running poorly

My z727 seems unable to run at full power. Sounds hesitant and sluggish, even when the deck is not engaged. Exhaust is slightly black. Have changed the oil, replaced the fuel filter and the spark plugs, checked the fuel lines, gas cap vent etc, with no improvement. What's next?
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Originally Posted by dbsteeth View Post
What's next?

Hello dbsteeth,

Engine model and spec numbers ?

If I had to guess, I'd say you have a Kawasaki on this machine.

If that's the case it sounds like it's only running on one cylinder, Check for spark at each plug by removing each plug wire one at a time while the engine is at idle speed. Use a pair of rubber handle pliers to remove them so you don't get shocked.

If you remove one and the engine dies the coil on the other side is likely faulty, You can confirm the faulty coil with the below test;

Good Luck
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kawasaki engine

if it is a kawasaki engine, as most are... they are notorious for oil leaks, and i have several with oil blow caused from running low on oil. this can cause the plugs to foul out prematurely. if your plugs are black within a few min. i would say that is the cause. if so your options are to re-ring or to replace the engine

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