Anybody can recommend the angle broom?


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Anybody can recommend the angle broom?

Hi there,
I'm not much experienced in taking care of lawns but I've just moved to a house with quite a spacious piece of a lawn and I was thinking about completing some useful equipment. I 've already got a lawnmower , rakes and some water cans and now I would like to buy the angle broom, similar to the one in the pic. (obviously I don't need the machine which is that big and that expensive)I heard it cleans mud, snow and debris so that's fine with me, but isn't it going to damage the blades of grass or the pavement surface while cleaning stuff? Does anybody know? And can you recommend any brand or model of the angle broom that is maneuverable and not very pricey?
Thanks in advance.
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That kind of attachment is just not available for most lawn tractors, and only a few garden tractors. And expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000 or more. If you have a typical lawn tractor, you can sweep up leaves, grass clipping and loose trash with a tow behind lawn sweeper similar to this:

Ok........ i surfed a little and found that Bercomac DOES sell rotary brooms for some model tractors, more info here:
Power Broom - Bercomac Power Broom
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How 'spacious' is the lawn ?? Enough for a riding lawn mower ?
Items I would suggest to take care of property would be;
Mower, which you've already got, just don't know what kind.
......a bag attachment on a push mower really comes in handy at times....
Line trimmer, one that will accommodate an edger attachment as well.
Blower, I have a gas one, an electric one, and a cordless one, each has unique uses.

Hedges, shrubbery ???????, I've used a good B&D electric trimmer for many yrs.
You have lotsa trees?? that might need trimming?? might need a small chainsaw...
I've got all this stuff, and got them from box stores on the cheap, with common sense use and maintenance they will get the job done and last for long time.

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