GENERAC propane generator won't start and service questions

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GENERAC propane generator won't start and service questions

just bought the house, no info on the unit. It is a stand alone propane unit with an auto switch at the power pole - it is set to start every week, but it does not appear to have done so recently.

The 12v battery appears corroded, otherwise very clean and looks good inside. The oil level and quality is good.

The control module has power, but pressing the manual start will not turn the starter over. (I do hear a solenoid switching)

Does the starter work off the 12v battery solely, and is that battery supposed to charge from an ac converter from the power pole?

Is there some secret to servicing the unit? The sheet metal does not appear to have any easy access panels whatsoever (in other words, it looks like to get to the battery I have to unook propane lines, and unbolt very permanent looking and inaccessible fasteners to pull the housing apart. Is there something I am missing? Even the control unit, above the battery, appears to have no provision for maintenance access.

Thanks for any help.
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I cannot provide you information on servicing the generator but you may wish to determine if your issue is simply a bad battery. Try jumping it. You could use a car and jumper cables to determine if the starter battery simply cannot provide the current required to turn over the starter motor. If it is too far for away from your cars you can try a jumper box (available for giving a car a quick boost); or some automotive battery chargers will have a start mode where the charger will provide 50 or 100 amps to turn over the motor; or you could simply carry a known good battery back to the generator and jump it (without the car).

If the engine does start your only problem is the bad battery. Take it to a service station and have them do a load test on it to determine if it is really shot and requires replacement. If it turns over but fails to start, further tests will have be done to determine the issue. If it will not turn over with a known good car battery, you either have a bad solenoid, bad starter, or bad wiring to one or both of those devices.


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