Water in tank - husky rider


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Water in tank - husky rider

My son put water in the petrol tank, so i open the fuel lines and drained it all out. Then i topped it up with petrol again and after a few starts and back firing, the ride on is working but the revs dont stay up. It looks like a spring has come off somewhere cos when i accellerate it manually it works fine but when i accellerate from the acelleration handle/choke nothing happens and now theres petrol coming out the front of the motor and i dont know what to do about it. Can someone help plz?

Husky LR10 unsure of year.
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Hello rideonhelp, and welcome to doityourself!

I moved this post and created it's own thread since it was off topic for the thread it was tagged onto.

Sounds to me like there is water and possibly other stuff in the carb, which would be the reason for the gas coming out the front of the mower. The needle valve in the carb is not seating, and it's filling the engine with fuel. I suspect if you smell the oil, it will smell like fuel too. Fix the carb, then change the oil.

Without knowing what engine you have, I can only guess about what could be wrong with the rpm problem. Sounds like a linkage, cable, or spring has come off.

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