Pressure washer problems - none or intermittant pressure


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Pressure washer problems - none or intermittant pressure

My Craftsman 2800 psi pressure washer worked great for most of the first year. Then it began to have an intermittant pressure problem. At first there was pressure most of the time with short lapses of no pressure other than the inlet water hose pressure. As time progressed I found myself standing around a lot each time I used it holding the trigger and waiting for the next high pressure episode. A few times I have tried to use it and have had no pressure other than the inlet hose pressure. I took the unloader apart and removed the regulator assembly and oiled them both. It works better right after it is oiled. Is there a good way to pack or oil the pump after each use? It looks like the siphon fitting with its check ball would be a perfect place to inject some light grease or vaseline in the pump to keep it from oxidizing between uses without having to disassemble anything. At any rate, I don't think the pump is worn out or anything because it just hasn't been used that much. Also, what is best to use to clean it up and keep it from sticking? I have never found any debris in it. I sprayed it with Deep Creep today after I used it. I took the siphon fitting out and sprayed the Deep Creep into the small hole with the red straw. I did this about 5 or 6 times. I'll find out the next time I use it if it worked.
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Go to a swinning pool supply store and pick up some O-ring lube. It is 100% silicone and impervious to water. Use this to lube the moving parts of the valve and the o-rings.

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