Craftsman 32 cc Split Straight Shaft Trimmer Model 316.791870


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Craftsman 32 cc Split Straight Shaft Trimmer Model 316.791870

I picked this up at a yard sale pretty cheap, since it looked to have very low hours and was very clean. All power equipment was being sold because the seller was using a lawn service. Unit was mfd in 2007 by MTD. I drained and refilled with fresh premium gas/oil mix , checked the air filter and unit started without a problem. But, it has a couple of things I would like to run by the forum.

I get a high pitch wine coming from the cutting head/gearbox. It sounds like a bad bearing to me, although I have never had a straight shaft trimmer.

It starts on the first or second pull. But, after running at low rpm for about 1/2 hour the engine will bog when going past 1/4 throttle. There is no miss when this happens. I opened and closed the fuel cap to check the vent cap, but no change. I can slowly work the rpm up to full speed by feathering the throttle and after this the engine will take full throttle without bogging. I have heard these engine have a temperamental carb and the low and high speed screw might need adjustment.
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Might want to check if there is a plug for adding grease in the head....had a Ryobi that did that and adding grease took care of it. Just a thought.....

Dunno about the engine issue
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There is no plug on the trimmer head, but the edger head attachment has one. I guess I'll have to split the head and grease the gears.
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Those heads are notoriously noisy. You might help it with some grease, might not. The running problem will probably be helped by backing out the high speed adjustment screw 1/4 turn or so. It's the one closest to the air filter side of the carb. Running it lean like it is now will toast the cylinder and piston.

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