Newbie needs an emergency Home Generator ( Recomendations )


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Newbie needs an emergency Home Generator ( Recomendations )

Can any of the members fill me in on a Home generator? 4000w - 6000w range. Under $750 more or less.

Any makes and models recomended ?

Which ones should i avoid ?

Only use will be on power outages / ice storms etc.

Thanks for your help.
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Stay away from the cheap chinese generators. Some of them even use "America" in their names, like "All Power America" and the like. If it doesn't say kohler, kawasaki, honda, yamaha, subaru, or briggs, don't buy it. In your price range, you're looking at a briggs powered construction site generator. They are noisy and vibrate a lot and aren't made for longevity, but they do the job. I say this a lot lately, but if I were buying a generator with that budget, I wouldn't buy new. I'd go pick out a nice honda generator at the local pawn shop or something Japanese powered. Kinda like I'd rather have a nice used top end Nissan than a brand new low end domestic. Hope that helps.
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Along the lines of what cheese said, I picked up a Coleman Powermate (5500 watts I think) for $300 on Craigslist. It had only been used once during a hurricane in south Florida. It has the Robin/Subaru EX30 engine - which is why I purchased it. Tecumseh is no longer making engines and I'm not a fan of newer Briggs Intek engines so Robin/Subaru was pretty much my only option in my price range.

Generators with this engine are pretty easy to find at Home Depot if you'd rather buy new, though they may not fit within your budget new.

I certainly wouldn't entertain buying a used generator WITHOUT low oil shutdown, but I think they all come with that these days.

- Joe

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