Any idea what this piece of equipment or machinery is called


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Any idea what this piece of equipment or machinery is called

I acquired this piece of machinery with the purchase of other abandoned property. Does anyone know what it is?
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Thanks for your help! John
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I would hazard a guess of some sort of wet grinder. But that's just a big guess on my part.
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Looks like a water line at the back of this? It's some kind of grinder/polisher, probably wet. Are the wheels stone abrasive or impregnated fiber? I don't know the exact purpose, as it looks to be somewhat specialized, but I would suspect it's not for working with ferrous material. I'm thinking it's for smoothing and polishing casting marks on cast brass or aluminum or other soft metal items.
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The line coming out of the back is electrical. There are huge, heavy duty sanding belts for the "wheels," so it's some sort of sander I suppose, but when I do a search for "table sander" or "large sander", the only thing that comes up are "thickness sanders" which this piece is not.

The metal "name plate" says Schlumberger. The hole in back looks like it's an exhaust (maybe for dust) which tells me that it's probably for dry use.
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Well, a Google of "Schlumberger" brings up a corporation that deals with oil field services. Coincidentally John is in Texas. Some kind of tool relating to oil field hardware???

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