PowerMate generator???


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Question PowerMate generator???

Have a little old lady friend who wanted me to replace the fuel line on her generator for her. No big deal there, easy, straight forward. However, while I had it, decided to check it out to make sure it would work, if she ever needed to use it. Since it had been sitting for God only know how long.
After a small bit of cleaning and all, got the thing to fire up and running. I measured the voltage coming out of the outlet and got 132V. Went ahead and ran the RPM's up on the engine and was able to generate up to about 380 volts. I don't think this is a good thing.
This is an older (really older) model. PowerMate PW 800, Max output is 800 watts.
Am I doing something wrong (voltage has to be measured under load) or will this generator run the possibility of frying everything plugged into it?
She would only use it in case of an outage and than only to run a few lights, maybe a heater if needed. Not going to be hooked up to the house or anything like that.
Thanks, in advance.
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I don't know how it's made, but it's possible that you regulate the speed to obtain the desired voltage. Normally 3600 rpm gets you ~120 volts at 60 hz.

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