Craftsman riding mower problems


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Craftsman riding mower problems

I have a Craftsman LT 1000 riding mower. I was mowing when the mower stopped moving. The engine is running but i have no go. The break on the left is loose, I can push the mower just like the transmission pin in the back is pulled. I looked under the mower and found that the belts are loose. Is there a pulley that possibly is broken?
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Could be, you'll have to look and see. It sounds like the tranny belt came off, possibly because of a bad belt, and possibly for other/added reasons like a bad pulley.
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I would also be looking for a broken tensioner spring.
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I just had the same problem with a Scotts mower. I replaced the drive belt (old one was shot anyway) but still no go. Fearing problems within the hydrostatic transmission I took it to an authorized service center. The problem was actually quite simple. An axle shaft exits each side of the hydrostatic transmission. A hub is mounted on each shaft to bolt up to each rear wheel. There is a key on that shaft that had sheared on one side so the shaft was spinning in the hub. No telling how your Craftsman is set up for drive line but it would be worth looking. Had I considered this I could have fixed mine myself rather than paying shop labor to do it.
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Excellent idea,
last one of these I fixed was, owner had removed a wheel and lost the key when he put it back on.

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