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I have an older Briggs and Stratton Lawnmower with a 3.5 engine. My problem is the engine stops runing and is hard to start when it gets hot. Help!!
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Several possibilities:

The engine could be overheating once the fan stops cooling. Which may mean it's even running too hot while the cooling fins on the magneto are turning. Clear any debris under the starter cover housing.

Depends on how "old" the engine is but should it have a points and a condenser ignition system, the condenser could be failing or overheating.

Too low an oil level will cause overheating also. Check the level.

When the engines dies on it's own, remove the fuel tank cap, reinstall it and attempt to start the engine again. If it restarts quickly, the fuel cap has a restricted vent. Replacing the cap will then solve the problem.

Check some of the archive postings, in the forum, for more ideas, suggestions and possible solutions for mowers with this exact problem.
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I agree with Tom, would check or replace the condensor and points, and spark plug, after checking the things he mentioned, if that doesnt fix the problem, it could be the Coil that is failing when it gets hot.


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BobbycatB, Everything you have heard is GREAT advice! What I would do pertaining to the ignition update is one of two things: order an electronic coil(aftermarket price $17.00) or an electronic ignition module(also aftermarket,$7.00) that will do away with the points/condensor setup and give you easy starts and end the hot coil/condensor problem, if that is what it is, provided all is well otherwise....Mike

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