B&S 14.5 OHV question(s)


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B&S 14.5 OHV question(s)

First post here. Have gotten alot of good info from the site and decided to join in.
Just picked up a 99 Murray wide body 42" rider with a B&S model #287707 14.5 OHV. Type 1272e1.
Mower sat outdoors for a year. First thing I did was change the oil, new battery,pulley lube etc. Basic stuff. Engine was sluggish to start and blew some smoke but that cleared up pretty quick.
Here are my concerns and search for advise.

1. Engine runs rough at times but fairly smooth at certain speeds ?
2. Backfires repeatedly?
3. Still is sluggish to turn over at first after sitting for a couple of days?
4. What does anyone recommend to use to flush the oil system as you would do with a car engine that has sat for a while and built up sludge?
5. Same question for the fuel system?
6. when checking the oil after mower has been idle and before use it looks like the crankcase is overfilled by the dipstick reading. After wiping it off and checking again the level is correct according to the stick. Is this normal?
7. Last thing; There is a strong gas smell from the mower after sitting. I have checked everything and can find NO leaks etc. but when I walk in the garage the fumes are pretty strong.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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I would remove the carb, take it apart, soak it in a carb cleaning solution and install a kit. I would also install a gas in line shut-off.
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Indy, thanks for the advise. Any thoughts on the oil flush. I'm an amateur car engine guy and I know that any time I have purchased a vehicle that has sat for that long (older model lots of miles) without being run the oil pan looks like its taking a you know what when you pull the plug. I'm thinking that may be the sluggish starting (engine turning over) prob although the old oil ran out pretty smooth with no indication of gumming.. I'm not a small engine guy and any time I have applied what car engine knowledge I have I either overkill or break something. I'm also thinking the backfiring may be a fouled plug thing. I have not changed the plug yet because the engine started with a little TLC as mentioned before. Let me know what u think. Thanks
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Both of your concerns are carburetor problems. The gas leaking into the cylinder is causing the gas smell and slow turning over, and the gummed up passages causes the backfiring.
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Replace or rebuild? whats your thought. Having a tough time finding parts for this 99 mower.

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