John Deere snow blower on a Steiner tractor?


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John Deere snow blower on a Steiner tractor?

I am going to try to mount a John Deere 47" Quick Hitch snow blower onto Steiner 430 (or 435...I forget which) tractor.
I know my way around fabrication a bit though I'm not an expert at it.
The plan is to go to the John Deere dealer and see one of these snow blowers mounted on a John Deere tractor. Then try to find a Steiner 430 with a snow blower attached, any snow blower.
On the surface, this doesn't look like it's going to take a rocket scientist but you know how that goes.
This is a long shot but is there any one out there who might be familiar with a Steiner and might throw some tips or knowledge my way?
Is it doable? Should I go see a shrink and have my head examined?
The motivating factor here is the snowblower is almost brand new and will cost little or nothing so I don't mind the challenge at all.
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I assume you already have the Steiner tractor? Does your Steiner already have a front end loader attachment? This would make it easier since you don't have to build a lift assembly and mount on the Steiner. You could just make a mount to attach the blower in place of the bucket.
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You have no idea how many ways I thought of trying to mount this thing. Finally, one or two extra brain cells kicked in and I thought of the same thing. No need to reinvent the wheel, I have a hitch already designed and laying in front of me.
I'm certain it isn't going to need too much modification to make it work.
Next step is transferring power to the snow blower.
Going to head up to a JD dealer today and see what it is they attach to the shaft sticking out of the blower.

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