Help fixing bent snowblower fan (auger)

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Question Help fixing bent snowblower fan (auger)

Well I managed to hit a chunk of metal and bend the auger on my snowblower (fan part, NOT the spirals). It's an MTD 315E748F099, 8hp 26" I believe.
First I removed the whole front half housing assembly from the snowblower by removing the belts and the housing bolts around the perimeter. With the snowblower in half, I then removed the pulleys off the back, and the SOB bearing on the back of the housing. The bearing was horrible to remove, but I got that done. The left and right spirals were removed from the housing, then pulled out with the gear assembly on the very front of the machine.
What was then left is just the shaft with the fan attached. The two spring pins were pushed out using a punch and air hammer at times. I figured after those two spring pins were removed I would be able to just slide the fan off the back of the shaft. NOT THE CASE! That fan is stuck on the shaft. Does anyone have any input or ideas how to get that fan off? I've attached two pictures to show what I'm left with. Thanks for any help.

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About the only way to get it off the shaft is to heat it with an oxy-accetelyne torch. They so get quite rusted to the shaft. Have to heat it to cherry red all around, then drive out the shaft with a 2lb hammer being very careful not to damage the shaft end.
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Lay a Sawzall with a metal cutting blade flat on the shaft and cut it off like peeling a bananna. Have a good one. Geo
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Bent fan

If only the fan is bent and not the shaft, why not try to bend or beat back the fan as close as you can get it to the original, without bending or oyherwise damaging the shaft so you can get through the season. I have an auger [spiral] shaft that was bent by a car tire chain, and I straitened it the best I could, and by the time I got around to buying one, most parts were unavailable, so it's had a little wobble for about 40 years, ahd hopefully 20 more.
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Nothing to lose

I would drill a whole the size of the shaft in a plank then plumb the shaft in the whole and gently beat it back as close to true as you can get. Using medium-hard rubber mallets would lessen your chance of denting it. I wouldn't even try getting it off unless I had a replacement since it is about as easy persuading it back into shape while on the shaft. Sounds like you have some serious time into the disassembly!

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