Generac Generator lights blinking


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Generac Generator lights blinking

I purchased a home with a Generac generator system installed. The power lines were going through a window, so I set off to install it through the wall to make it all nice and professional. In disconnencting and reconnecting the wires, something went wrong and now it does not exercise and when turned to auto, all four red lights and the green light blink non-stop. I have verified that the wires are all connectyed properly, the fuses in the box inside are good.

Approximately 10 seconds after turning it to auto, the system starts up. It has been about a month now, and it appears the battery is also dead/dying as it will just click when I attempt to manually exercise it. Any experience with this situation? Thanks
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for me, this is not good news especially if the power goes out this winter or if it co$ts $$$$$ to repair!
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Wish I could be of more help ...

Generac Customer Service
Hours: M-F 7 am - 6 pm Central
Call: 1-888-GENERAC

Make certain that you have model and serial number when you call. They would likely be able to give you some general information about what the lights are trying to tell you.

Have you tried to jump the battery to determine if the system will start?

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Generac Generator Starting

Your problem is most likely a charging unit which has gone astray like thousands of other and everyone get confused with the problem. It is NOT the battery ! Although now it is because it has overcharged and become sulfated. The chargers are supposed go charge at 2-3 amps until the battery reaches about 13.4 v and then switches to a maintaining charge of about 100 milliamperes. Howerver the design is not fail safe and when it fails, stays on full 2-3 amp charge and cooks the battery over time. This is manifested by a low water condition after several months and a total failure of the battery.

I have replaced the original charger with a Marine type Battery Maintainer which does the same type of charge but it does so much more reliably. The hook up is fairly simple once you study it. I have some pictures and a brief write up on this change. The other alternative is buy a replacement charger if yours has failed and you trust the new design unit that is now used.

Monkey Wrench

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