snowblower not throwing like it used to...


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snowblower not throwing like it used to...

My Craftsman 9HP/ 28" snowblower is about 8 years old and this winter it hasn't been throwing the snow anywhere near as far as it used to. It now only throws it about 8-10 ft, whereas it used to throw it at least 20 ft. No loss in HP or engine rpm or performance; new fluids & spark plug annually, chute is always clear before I start using it. Any clue (I know- difficult without seeing it) or suggestions for common causes?
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Make shure that your belt[s] are not slipping, or the pulley/shaft conection is secure. I spray silicone, or liquid wax into the auger, fan
, and chute and that helps greatly. Just be careful, Its best to do it while the machine is not running, but in an emergency I have poured liquid wax on the snow and run the blower right through it, just be carefull to not get it on anyone or anything that you might regret later.
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Belt slipping or worn bearings on the auger and/or impeller. Check the belts first. Cracking or chunks gone or just worn out.
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The only thing that came with it was a very basic instruction manual; any hints on where (online) to locate a more detailed schematic or repair manual?
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You'll need the model number to find parts listings here
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Manuals online or Just google it.
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Did you check if both augers are spinning? I broke a sheer pin on one side and it reduced the throw.

Mike NJ

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