Help with 9 hp B-S Vanguard please.


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Help with 9 hp B-S Vanguard please.

Hello all. I have a 9hp Vanguard on a BCS walk-behind tractor. One day I forgot to turn the fuel valve off and the engine flooded and made a nice puddle in the garage. I had gas coming out the air cleaner as well as a full crankcase worth of gas.

Last night I took the carb off (Mikuni). The carb looked clean and the float and needle appeared to work fine, but I suppose I need to take it apart and clean it anyway. I've never cleaned a carb so I'm a bit nervous. Does the pin holding the float just pull out? I assume I should take the jet(?) out, (the brass piece with the slotted screwdriver top that is accessed from the outside of the carb)? When I put that back, does it need to be screwed in a certain amount? I don't think this'll be too difficult, but I am a little hesitant.

OK, problem #2. I figured I take the spark plug out and change it/check it. However, the plug wire end rubber cap pulled off the wire inset and the plug wire end is rusted to the spark plug. (This machine sat outside in AK before I bought it.) So, I figured I should replace the plug wire and coil pack(?) or whatever that piece is called. However, I don't have clearance to remove the bolts holding the coil pack on without pulling the flywheel(?) or whatever the piece with all the fins is called. (Can someone help me with my terminology please!) How do I remove (and reinstall) the flywheel? I assume I need a puller, but I wasn't sure how I was going to get it back on. Or can I leave the coil pack on, cut the end of the plug wire off and put on a new end?

Thanks for any help!
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You can replace the spark plug end (terminal) for little $$$. Your local small engine shop should have them. Here is what they look like.
Replacement Spark Plug Accessories

Carefully try to remove the jet. DON"T FORCE IT. It is only made of brass and you can easily "strip" the slot. If you can't get the jet out, just spray some spray carb cleaner thru it. And the float pin just slides out.
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And to fix the gas leak, clean the seat and replace the needle. Sometimes just cleaning the needle and seat do the trick.

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