Snowthrower, fence stripper poured into gas tank


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Snowthrower, fence stripper poured into gas tank

My stupid tenants kids last year poured fence stripper into a Yard Machines snow thrower. Other tenants in the house apparently attempted to start it multiple times. I poured out the gas( which was stratified with gas on top) and flushed out the gas line with gas, but it will still not start. I am not 100% sure it is fence stripper in there....but it was sitting very close to the machine with the cap off, so I would assume.

This was last spring, and I am wondering if there is something I can do to get this running. It was suggested that I use carburetor cleaner and spray that into the carb. Is there anything else I can try or should know going into this. I am very limited on engine repair, but am very mechanically inclined.....engines are the one DIY area I have not delved into .
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Since they tried to start it, the stripper is in the carb and the carb needs to be cleaned. Before taking the carb off the engine, take pics of the throttle linkages so you know what holes to put them back in.
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I agree. Try taking the bowl off the carb first and clean it out from there. If it's just stripper in the carb causing it to not start, this should get rid of it without removing the carb.
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The following piece of advise of often given here:

Remove the spark plug and put around a teaspoon of gas directly in the cylinder. Put the spark plug back in and attach the spark plug wire. Attempt to start. If the engine starts and runs for a few moments you can assume that the issue is fuel delivery and the carb will need to be cleaned thoroughly.

If it will not start in this manner, you may still have issues with the carb but you may have other issues as well.

A running engine requires fuel, air, spark, compression, and proper timing. The two most common issues are fuel and spark.


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