snapper LE3170R snowthrower bogging down


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snapper LE3170R snowthrower bogging down

I have a snapper LE3170R snowthrower that shuts down when it hits snow. I replaced the fuel filter, new plug, and fresh gas. it's about 13 years old. I want to rebuild the carb but I don't know if it's beyond my
ability or what kit i need. the motor does not have the make on it but, it's the original motor. I'm assuming it's a brig.

am i better off bringing it to a shop or listen to the wife, and retire it.
I've grown attached to the girl.
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It's a good idea to give Sea Foam a try first. Get it at auto parts stores. If you have a varnish build up it'll take care of it and avoid a tear down if you need an easy way out.

It runs about $8.00 can and you can put it in just about anything that burns petrol fuel, so you won't waste what you have left over.

It works very well.
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thanks mar.
i've used seafoam in my cars but never thought of it until you mentioned.
i added it to the fuel and for a few minutes it was burning off carbon build up.
Now it runs with the choke off and only stalled out on twice after trying to get a mound of snow moved.

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