craftsman 5/20 starting problem.


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craftsman 5/20 starting problem.

Been gonig at the snowblower all weekedn trying to get it started. It starts, it runs. Not for long though.
After getting blisters on my hands from trying to pull start. I decided the only thing to do was build a homemade elctric start with my drill. Works like majic. No more blisters.
The engine wont start on full throttle and full choke. Plenty of gaS, IT BACKFIRES AND i CAN SMELL IT. i go to half to nill throttle and she runs for a little bit. then dies again. When she runs, i give a little more throttle then she dies again.
I just cant seem to keep her running.
I have rebuilt the carb. Adjusted main jet to 1 and a half turns, adjusted low idle at 1.5 turns, still cant get her going.
I have also given more and less fuel with the main jet and still have no luck.
It almost seems as thuogh when i give lots of throttle, attempt start, ease off on throttle, she will fire and run for a little. Once runnnig and more throttle, she dies.

Any ideas on where or what I should do next?

Need a hand here, i am really trying to glick this one and learn something.

I have rebuilt the carb as well.
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If it backfires, I would inspect the flywheel sheer key. The sheer key can be sheered as little as almost not noticeable by the naked eye and it will cause problems.

Good luck!
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I will guess this is a Tecumseh engine, when you were cleaning the carb did you clean the tiny hole in the main jet, it is near the top and almost invisible on some, refer to the pic below for reference only as there are several styles, I use the wire from a twist tie to clean it. Have a good one. Geo

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Sounds like the intake valve isn't closing completely. If you can get it to run long enough, try feeding some marvel mystery oil thru the carb intake while it's running. This will usually free up sticking valves.

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