busted zirk fitting on older snow thrower


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busted zirk fitting on older snow thrower

I attempted to grease the auger on my snow thrower a moment ago. The first zerk fitting wouldn't take any grease so I tried a second one. No luck again, and worse, when I pulled the grease gun away I broke the fitting. What's a guy do in that situation?


Brian in the UP - where we really need our snow-throwers!
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The busted zirc

You should be ale to remove the good zerc, and see if it is indeed clogged. if not try to clesn out the threaded end with a piece of wire or s needle, also spray a little liquid wrench into the auger shaft were the zirc was, if the zirc wont clean, than just buy a couple of new ones, any auto parts store, bring your sample. As for the broken one, you can wait till warm weather then try lightly tapping ahe auger middle shaft assy around where the broken zirc is, after you remove the shear bolt[s] and try to rotate the auger assy on the auger shaft that comes out of the gearbox , if they are loose, then they are OK. As for the broken zirc just put in a new one next to the old one, if you dont have the tools, if you feel like it my guess is it will take a 3/16" drill and a 1/4 28 size machine tap, and you can drill and tap[cut] a new hole for the new zirc,dont worry about drilling through the outer sleeve into the middle shaft, it wont affect anything, if after you install the zirc and the shaft doesn't turn freely,just back out the zirc and grind or file some metal off the end of the zirc, it wont matter if the check ball and spring falls out, a little grease may dribble out. Mabey if you just screw in the zirc a little it wont reach the shaft. Good luck.
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I'd replace the first Zerk fitting.

On the second fitting, if it broke clean you should see the path the grease went. Just drill it and remove the broken piece with an easy out. It should be soft metal. The replace with a new Zerk.
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a left handed bit ussually works well
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Many of the zerks are pressed in. I would replace them with screw in zerks. Need a bottoming tap to tap the holes.

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