Toro 824 Snowblower doesnt throw snow well


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Toro 824 Snowblower doesnt throw snow well

I bought a 1989 8 hp 26" blower from a guy who refurbishes the old ones about a week ago just before the latest snow storm. I was all hyped up but it totally failed me. it started well but didnt throw snow ... it seemed augur was clogged i cleaned it worked for a few minutes then clogged again....frustrated I got my small electric snowthrower did the is just that it is smalll..inadequate for heavy snow and you have to push it.

Today( 2 days after the snow fall) i started the old toro machine after cleaning the augur/chute worked but throws snow only about 1-2 ft away.

Did i just buy a $350 lemon...what could be wrong with it? it has new built and was serviced..


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It's probably just a drive slipping. Call the guy you got it from. I"m sure he'll take of it, being just a week old.
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it turned out to be a simple issue......the cable that moves the belt pulley was loose...

there are some other issues..such as reverse gear not engaging always...he ignorded was fun to huge amount of snow coming off the chute..!!!
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Thumbs up Snow blower chute clogging fix

Clogged chutes and augers are fairly common to all older two-stage snow blowers. If you look at your impeller blades, you will probably notice that there is a gap between the blades and the side of the discharge chute. The greater this gap, the less distance your snow blower will throw snow and the more it will clog up with heavy wet snow. Whether it's a water pump or snow blower, the closer the blade is to the chute wall, the more powerful and efficient the impeller will be. A quick and easy fix is available in kit form that really works!

These impeller modification kits are available for sale on EBay. Do a search for "snow blower impeller kit" and you will see kits for three/four & five blade snow blowers. The kits range from $25-$35. Here is a link to the three/four blade kit and a picture of it but the other two kits are there also:


I installed a four blade kit on my two-stage 1994 Ariens and it works as advertised! It's an inexpensive fix that gives new life to older snow blowers and is fairly easy to install. The kit comes with instructions that are clear and easy to follow.

Of course, you also need to make sure your belts are good because a bad belt will reduce your snow blowers power and efficiency as well.

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