Why no HP ratings on new engines?

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Why no HP ratings on new engines?

I have noticed that new power equipment, and new engines seldom list the horsepower any more. Instead, they are simply listing engine size in cc's. Why is this? I would think it would make it harder to compare and select replacement engines. Is there a cross-reference chart somewhere?
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Probably because some company, I think it was Kohler but don't quote me, over stated the HP of their engines and got caught up in a class action law suit. Just CYA on the manufacturer's part.
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There is a formula but its not linear. A 150 cc engine could be from 3hp to 6 hp. Its how its tuned. Take a 350 chevy motor. There are 200hp versions and there are 600 hp versions. Same 350 motor. Or same cc's

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The law suit removed horsepower ratings. Don;t know who file the law suit or why (probably an engine maker against another engine maker). They really screwed up everything. Consumers know horsepower as that rating has been around for ever. No one knows torque and cc's are not a real measure of anything. Cars used to and are now coming back to advertising horsepower. The insurance companies put an end to horsepower on cars by driving up the rates on the 60's muscle cars. Here is a link to approximate horsepower/cc.

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It's pretty crazy, I think most of the major manufacturers had some part in overstating the hp rating. More than one got in trouble over it. They would do all sorts of things to the engine (take off exhaust, remove charging system, remove air filter, rev engine to destruction) then the highest amount of hp they got before the engine blew was considered in what hp that engine was. CCs are a bit harder to exaggerate about. It is what it is and you and I can measure it in our backyards to keep them honest if we wanted to. I guess that's why they list cc's now.
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Wow, what a mess! Thanks everyone for the info, and the link. Things are clearer now

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